2022/2023 RECIPIENT


Cole Oswald is a grade 10 student at Greenall High School and is from Balgonie. He was a member and team captain for the 2022-2023 Prairie Storm U18 A Thunder and also a Team Member for the 2022-2023 Prairie Storm U18 Provincial team. Cole learned at an early age that kindness, compassion, integrity, respect, and inclusion were important qualities in life, and as he grew older he was able to demonstrate these characteristics in both everyday life and athletics.  Because of these qualities and a strong sense of work ethic, Cole has been looked up to by peers, coaches, and others as a natural leader.

In his spare time, Cole officiates many levels of Prairie Storm hockey, as well as Balgonie Elementary School basketball and volleyball, and volunteers with unified basketball at Greenall.  Through these experiences, he has been able to further develop and demonstrate leadership and has also learned the importance of community involvement, academics, and volunteerism.  Cole enjoys being a multisport athlete and plays volleyball, basketball, and track field at Greenall School. He also plays football, and flag football and enjoys golfing. He is honored to be this year's merit award recipient. 

Congratulations Cole on this prestigious award.

A plaque commemorating this award is hung at Balgonie Stardome.