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PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award

PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award


The Adam Herold Legacy Foundation is once again sponsoring the PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award, formerly known as the PSMHA Merit Award.  This award is presented annually to the athlete within our association who consistently displays the characteristics and values that Adam exemplified and that PSMHA strives to instil within its athletes on and off the ice. 

Like Adam, the recipient of this award will be an athlete that has made a significant impact on our association, teammates, coaches and within our communities.  This person is consistently demonstrating leadership, volunteerism and community spirit, compassion, accountability, work ethic, sportsmanship and gratitude to those around them.


What is the PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award?  

The PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award consists of $1,000 generously provided by the Adam Herold Foundation, a recognition plaque and acknowledgement on all Prairie Storm media outlets. 

Who is Eligible?  

Registered U13 to U18 Division PSMHA players or an official  in good standing and who have played at least two consecutive seasons with PSMHA.  

How TO apply for the PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award
  • Individuals will need to be nominated by a PSMHA peer, coach or member in good standing. All nominations will be reviewed (independent of the board) with the top 3 applicants moving on to an interview process.
  • Nominations will be reviewed, and interviews completed by a 3-member panel of independent judges.
  • Nomination deadline is February 1st with interviews to be completed by March 15th and the recipient to be named at the Volunteer Appreciation Night or by March 31st.
How are the finalists and the recipient determined?  
  • Any conflicts of interest must be declared once all submissions are received and prior to review of submissions by the panelists.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by our independent panel of judges with the top 3 applicants moving on to an interview process.  
  • Interviews will be conducted by a 3-member panel of independent judges.  
  • Interviews will be completed by March 15th.
  • The recipient will be named at the Volunteer Appreciation Night or by March 31st – whichever occurs first.  
  • The decision of the Independent Award Panel is considered final.


Those wanting to nominate a player or official will need to complete the nomination form. The nomination will require examples of how the nominee displays defined characteristics or traits and the impacts of these actions should be provided. There will be an opportunity to further articulate your nomination in a free form.


To be nominated for the PSMHA Adam Herold Merit Award, individuals must display behaviors that are reflective of the PSMHA Mission statement. Nominations should include examples of how the nominee shows these characteristics or traits and the impact these actions have made.

  • Leadership
  • Volunteerism and Community Spirit
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Work ethic
  • Sportsmanship
  • Gratitude


  • Consistently demonstrates essential leadership characteristics (respectful, responsible, trustworthy)
  • Mentors and encourages others to enable them to be more successful
  • Supports and advocates for coaches and team goals, strategies and visions
  • Uses encouragement and meaningful recognition to inspire others
  • Makes a significant and positive impact on their team and for the association
  • Demonstrates resilience
  • Considers the greater good of the team ahead of their own needs


  • Participates in activities that enrich our association, communities, schools and organizations
  • Promotes our association and communities in a positive manner
  • Takes pride in being a part of our association


  • Displays kindness and understanding
  • Demonstrates patience and perseverance
  • Consideration of others and their circumstances
  • Provides praise and encouragement to others


  • Takes responsibility for one’s actions and behaviors
  • Acknowledges goals set and takes ownership when not met


  • Displays discipline and good habits that is beneficial to the team, association and community
  • Sets goals and timelines that improves skills
  • Consistently puts in extra time and effort that will assist in the overall well-being of the team, association or community
  • Stays motivated and focused
  • Displays integrity and responsibility
  • Individual is reliable and dedicated


  • Consistently shows respect to teammates, opponents, officials and coaches
  • Respectful of the rules and decisions made of those of authority
  • Maintains a positive attitude and demeanor regardless of the outcome during or after the game
  • Plays for the team and not for one’s own interests
  • Positively encourages teammates


  • Willingness to thank those who assisted in one’s successes
  • Acknowledges others for their kindness, time and efforts
  • Appreciates opportunities given and is respectful to those who gave them
How are the Merit Award judges chosen each year?  

Along with Russ Herold who is representing the Adam Herold foundation, two other independent judges will accompany him, either chosen by the board of directors or himself.  These individuals are at least 18 year of age. Individuals that have provided support past or present to the PSMHA, community leaders, individuals with coaching/mentoring backgrounds, individuals who consistently display the traits required to receive the Merit Award would all be considered for this role.