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PSMHA Newsletter - December 21

By PSMHA, 12/21/18, 3:00PM CST


Reminder: Adam Herold Tribute Game

PSMHA, in conjunction with the Bantam AA team, will be retiring the #10 jersey this weekend in honour of former Bantam AA Captain Adam Herold.  Come out and join us in recognizing Adam's contribution to our game and cheer on the Bantam AA team as they take on the Humboldt Broncos.  

Admission will be free, however donations to the Adam Herold foundation are greatly appreciated.  Come dressed in your PSMHA clothing or team jersey and let's pack the Stardome!

To learn more about Adam and the Adam Herold Legacy Foundation, please visit:

Message from President

Hello PSMHA Families

Hard to believe that as we approach the start of the holidays we are approaching the halfway mark of the 2018/2019 hockey season.  I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the PSMHA Board of Directors and the Association members, to thank all of the coaches and team staff.  Without volunteers like yourselves we would not be able to offer this experience to our children.

I always reflect at this time of year on what defines a successful season.  If you look up the definition of success it is described as "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose".  So what is the aim or purpose?The purpose of PSMHA is to promote, govern and enhance hockey for the good of the players; to foster a community spirit among members, supporters and teams; to increase the interest in the game of hockey in the PSMHA; and to promote team participation, sportsmanship and equal opportunity to all registered participants relative to the game of ice hockey in the PSMHA.  So how do we measure these objectives?  Of course there is the easy win/lose column but to our Executive that is a byproduct of the other measures of success.  Personally, I try to watch from afar throughout the season and what I have observed this year are as follows:

  • Community involvement
    • Teams giving back through various charities
    • Our older teams working with our younger teams through the 7th skater programs and Try Hockey Day Mentorship
    • Waitlisted home tournaments run by a group of volunteers 
  • Programs such as the Novice Power Skating that we have been able to offer at no cost to all Novice aged players and Coaches
  • Goalie Development Credit program
  • Mentorship program for our young on ice officials
  • Increased membership and the addition of four all female teams
  • Initiation aged players who skated with the help of their parents at the beginning of the season now doing it all on their own
  • The youth of our Association initiating and implementing events to support various causes
  • Recognizing the efforts of our members through the Boston Pizza Player of the Game and the Official of the Month program
  • Increased membership engagement through the PSMHA newsletter and various social media feeds

It gives me great pride to see the continued devotion of our coaching staff, kids out on the ice with big smiles on their faces and parents sitting in the rink lobbies sharing coffee or in the stand cheering on our kids as they do what they love.  With that I would say, success has been met and I hope for more of the same in 2019.

On behalf of myself, my family, the PSMHA Board of Directors and their families, we want to wish all of our members a very Happy Holiday, safe travels wherever the holiday season is spent and best wishes for 2019.